India's dysfunctional healthcare system

For the last three weeks, India is in a war-like situation, and when there is a war people come together. When the system (it is instructed not to use the word "government" by our government which is sad) failed, civil society, the youth of this country, even people from our neighboring states are coming forward to help the vulnerable in these unprecedented times. But why? Yes, from time to time civil societies, local non-government organizations, etc have worked a lot on the ground to bring in the systemic change but why even those organizations are feeling helpless, the answer lies in the fact that we were busy prioritizing religions and elections over working on the learnings and findings from the first wave of 2020.

Obviously, we don't have a data point to support the spread of this virus linked to religious functions and election rallies but we have the data that in the first wave of COVID, the demand for liquid oxygen increased from 750 Metric tonnes per day (MTPD) to 2700 MTPD as per All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association and in the second wave it has drastically increased to 5000 MTPD. India produces 7000 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen per day so clearly that the problem lies somewhere else within the broken healthcare system.

Last year when the central government has decided to set up 162 PSA plants around the country and tender was issued in October 2020 why is that these plants not functional till now, while the state government and central government are playing musical chairs by blaming each other what it is costing this country is the lives of people. Now coming to the other requirement of plasma, last year also we have faced the crunch in plasma therapy which was highlighted more than the oxygen shortage but why an awareness campaign on plasma therapy is lacking but we have time for election rallies. Till now I may sound cynical but constructive criticism is what we need at this point in time. Some governments are really doing well as well, and our foreign policy definitely helping us a lot where international governments are coming together to help India. Indian entrepreneurs running ACT grants, CEOs of top 40 US companies coming together to combat COVID-19 crises in India, and citizens/civil societies running various volunteer-led initiatives to help the vulnerable with verified information on Hospital Beds, Medicines, and Plasma Donors is a ray of hope that India will come out of this crises.

Till then be safe, help those who need one in this pandemic situation by taking care of all COVID-19 protocols.

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